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Leaders' Statement

Phil Newman

Chief Executive Officer

Transparency International Australia

Australia, Oceania


Phil Newman, CEO Transparency International Australia. TI Australia acts to form coalitions against corruption who will work together in reducing and eliminating corruption in Australia. TI Australia is establishing a Centre of Excellence in Mining to build knowledge and design solutions to corruption in the mining sector.


Time for leaders to demonstrate true leadership on anti-corruption

Australia’s slide in the TI Corruption Perceptions Index over the least three years, from a score of 85 to a score of 79, presents a worrying trend. Recent events have demonstrated corruption does not respect artificial boundaries between jurisdictions, industries or roles. We have seen this again and again. It is now time for a comprehensive approach. Specifically TI Australia calls for:

  • A new Australian Serious Fraud & Corruption Office (ASFACO) to tackle criminal corruption;
  • Reforms to better coordinate integrity and anti-corruption measures within the Federal Government, including examining options for a national integrity commission and parliamentary integrity commissioner;
  • A full and public corporate beneficial ownership register;
  • Legislation and enforcement of Tranche 2 AML/CTF reforms covering accountants, lawyers and real estate agents;
  • A public commitment to Open Government Partnership and to establishing a joint government and civil society monitoring mechanism for the first National Action Plan;
  • Full implementation and a public commitment to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

TI Australia calls upon world leaders to establish a global corporate beneficial ownership registry and to directly link all public procurement to company performance on this register. We call for leaders and multi-lateral institutions to commit to and act upon higher levels of due diligence in contracting, whereby debarments are actively recognised and adhered to; and companies unable to be traced through beneficial ownership registries are excluded from tendering.

In particular, we call upon all leaders to fully embrace the Open Government Partnership platform as a means of both nationally and globally engaging civil society and business in the follow-up and implementation of commitments. OGP is the obvious platform by which collaborative coalitions against corruption can operate effectively and successfully to ensure real and sustainable results.

TI Australia stands ready to join with TI Chapters around the world; and other leading civil society actors engaged in transparency and integrity initiatives; to play our role in the ongoing monitoring and oversight of Summit commitments.

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